5 Secrets to Kissable and Long Lasting Lip Wear

When it comes to beauty bliss some of the best kept secrets are hidden in the crevices of our lips. One of the most common questions asked by women is, “How can I get my makeup to stay on longer?” The area on our faces that require the most frequent ...
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The Art Leading and Succeeding in the 21 st Century

The Art Leading and Succeeding in the 21 st Century On any given day of the week more than two billion people connect with the world through the power of internet technology. As business owners and more importantly change agents, one pervasive question that continues to arise is, “How do ...
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Five Ways to Enhance Your Personal and Professional Image

Five Ways to Enhance Your Personal and Professional Image In order to distinguish yourself from the masses it is essential to commit to the never ending process of personal enhancement. This spans far beyond mere physical appearance, exhibiting the essence of your innermost being and every aspect of social interacting ...
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From Stuck To Unstoppable!

As a first generation entrepreneur I have experienced a gamut of amazing adventures in pursuit of my purpose and passion. In retrospect, I see glimpses of what I was predestined to become in this world. I remember having a vivid imagination as a child. My childhood friends and I had ...
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Comeback Queen: Rise Above and Reign Again!

Who you are today represents a glimpse of the greatness that awaits to be showcased. If you were to take inventory of your entire life what message does it speak? Are you aware of the incredible power you possess? The intellectual prowess embedded in your cerebral cortex, to you it ...
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The Fab Four Keys to Succeed in Prosperity or Adversity!

I recently read a quote by Heather Dominick who stated, “A shift in perception leads to a shift in action. A shift in action leads to a shift in results.” Are you aware of the power embedded deeply in your subconscious? What good can a new tube of ruby red ...
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