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2015 TBA
Pretty in Pink Hats, Gloves and Pearls Luncheon
Keynote Speaker
Atlanta, Georgia
Carolyn Horne, Host

September 12, 2015
Ruth Project Graduation

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"Can Do" Quotes

Most people are infatuated with their problems, have become engaged to procrastination and are blindly married to poverty driven excuses. Word to the wise, don't be like most people.

Do you want to be comfortable or extraordinary? Because if you want to be comfortable you will not be extraordinary and if you want to be extraordinary you better be comfortable with being uncomfortable! Get it? Got it? Good!

We must be cognizant of the stories we rehearse in the recesses of our mind. Every thought conceived either builds a wall of limitation or a canal of freedom giving us the power to conquer our dreams.

Massive momentum is a must, push further, push harder and push relentlessly in the face of adversity.

Once you unequivocally know what to do, execution becomes a mandated responsibility.

That which you put off will remain until you boldly confront it head on!

A warrior's skills are harnessed in times of peace that he may be prepared to fight victoriously in times of war.

When they call you M.A.D. intensify your pursuit, Multiply and Dominate.

A goal out of sight is a goal out of mind; a goal out of mind leaves a desired outcome unrealized.

You've got to mentally be there before you physically get there.

You run a business and you take up a hobby! Know the difference; get paid not played!

"I did it!" is more powerful than, "I'll do it!"

The best communicators speak with you, not at you!

The power of vision allows one to see limitless possibilities amidst a perceived limited reality.

Surround yourself with winning producers not whining procrastinators.

Private affirmation seeks no public validation.

A skilled warrior knows how to fight with one foot planted in the valley and the other secured in victory!

Sometimes you have to take two steps back in order to run one hundred steps forward.

You can't expect a harvest from seeds never planted.

Until you learn to keep unproductive people out of your business, your plans to prosper will continually be hindered.

Deep or shallow? Your level of thirst will determine the distance you are willing to travel.

A goal out of sight is a goal out of mind; a goal out of mind leaves a desired outcome unrealized.

You've got to mentally be there before you physically get there.

You run a business and take up a hobby! Know the difference; get paid not played!

Accomplishing the impossible is all about seeing the invisible.

Are you willing to be uncomfortable for a short span of time in order to rest on a bed of ease for a lifetime?

High frequency living will frustrate low frequency thinkers.

Voice your mind.

Grab your purpose by the neck and squeeze out every ounce of potential you possess!

Life is designed to be enjoyed not endured.

Your vision is the light house of every hidden dream.

Internal fulfillment is a sweet reward to the consistently diligent.

Remain aware of minor distractions that keep you from major attractions.

In the thick of your plight always remember, you possess the keys to your purpose, power and limitless potential.

You are stuck in a sea of sameness because you refuse to move in the moment, seize success by the horns and own it!

In order to AUGMENT your ABILITY to seize limitless possibilities, ANNIHILATE excuses and AMPLIFY AUDACIOUS expectancies!

Stop seeking outside validation and start infusing your mind with internal affirmations of greatness!

The turning point of potential actualized often appears at the intersection of imagination and implementation, where the power to produce is unleashed after enduring the paralyzing pain of remaining the same.

How YOU can Take Action

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“Women’s Empowerment Speaker, Leadership Development Coach and Image Enhancement Consultant Kristie Kennedy is REAL. RAW. RELENTLESS. REVELANT. RADICAL and READY to take the world by FORCE! She is savvy, sassy, in command and in demand!

This unique gem garnered in greatness is Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Talented and Multi-Faceted. A golden voice of hope for the outcast, underdog and overlooked. Kristie has learned how to convert her pain into power, her pressure into pearls of wisdom and her past into a platform teaching others how to prosper in the midst of their problems.”


Beautiful and Healthy Series


I remember writing my first book, Upon the Tables of My Heart, a collection of poetic prose. One of the main poems was entitled Self-Talk. Who am I to love myself? Who are you not to? Who am I to have big dreams? Who are you not to? Who am I to believe I could do anything? Who are you not to? Who am I to think that I am someone special? Who are you not to? Who am I … Read full post

Unmute Your Voice
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“Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.” –Stephen King I believe … Read full post

Magnificent Living Magazine
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Enjoy our latest Magnificent Living Magazine http://issuu.com/kristiekennedy6/docs/january_2015_publication

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Kudos Testimonials

~"The Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce had the privilege of obtaining Ms. Kennedy as a Keynote Speaker for our 8th Annual "S.O.S" -Sisters On A Saturday, Women's Business and Professional Development Seminar.

Our annual theme- "Empowering Women to Excel in Mind, Body and Spirit!" Wow!-What a day it was!

Our audience of over 150 attendees ranged from professionals to business owners to entrepreneurs to college students, teens and even a handful of pre-teens.

Ms. Kennedy's speech outlined experiences that everyone could relate to. Her poise, intellect, singing and stamina had the entire audience mesmerized!

She engaged the audience and delivered the message with such confidence and faith.

The message rang out loud and clear and was most reassuring that despite the odds and obstacles-"Yes I Can" do anything...I am a strong woman!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Corpus Christi, Black Chamber of Commerce, we highly recommend Ms. Kennedy for any speaking engagement-for any audience."

Sylvia Tryon Oliver,
President and CEO
Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce

~"Ms. Kristie Kennedy is phenomenal when it comes to getting her audience engaged. Her energy is phenomenal and her messages truly are motivating. No matter who you are, you are bound to leave Ms. Kennedy feeling empowered."

~"I have always admired Kristie as an awesome and phenomenal woman of God. She never ceases to have something encouraging, enlightening, inspiring or uplifting to say. If her words don't speak it, her character and demeanor will be sure to deliver it. As a youth director, it is often a challenge to select someone to come in and serve as a speaker during our Youth Sunday services; however in considering Kristie I had no doubt that she would be able to handle the assignment given to her. She is a woman that comes with many gifts, talents and abilities, which the greatest of them all, is the love she has for people. Greeting Kristie in the foyer of my church, dressed in her militant outfit, I gained even greater confidence that she was ready and equipped to fulfill the charge given to her, to deliver a message to the youth in a manner and style that they could receive and comprehend. Her militant attire, dynamic vocals and non-traditional tactics to deliver the word to a different generation, had all of your youth engaged, involved and ready to receive the word of God. Kristie's effect on our congregation was truly a lasting one, days after the service several members were continuing to share accolades regarding her message and delivery. I'm a bold believer good soldier of Jesus... this chant delivered by Kristie, will forever ring in our hearts and minds."

~"Kristie leaves no stone unturned in her powerful delivery of motivational speaking and singing. She carries a strong, inspiring and timely message of overcoming adversity and keeping the dream alive. Kristie's message is captivating, drawing from rich life experiences as a daring explorer and visionary entrepreneur. You will undeniably feel the intensity of the spoken word that comes deep from her heart and soul."

~"Kristie is very experienced when it comes to make-up. She made me and the other models at this shoot look absolutely beautiful. Kristie did a great job, she took her time and made sure each model's make up looked flawless. Her makeup work was absolutely fabulous and she carried herself in a professional manner. She took her time with painting my face."

~"Beautiful, distinctive, and elegant are a few words that come to mind when describing Nava jewelry. Each time I wear a piece, hand-crafted and designed by Kristie, I can feel the love and attention that went into the creation. There's just simply nothing like it!"

~"Kristie is what I like to refer to as my eyebrow guru. She knows what she is doing and is good at it. I do not really trust people with my eyebrows because I am very particular as to what I like, the shape I like and the thickness I like. Since I have been coming to Kristie I have not been anywhere else. I even travel to Tallahassee to get my eyebrows done by her and I live in Tampa which is a 3 1/2 hour drive. Kristie is also very, very nice and just a great person. I recommend everyone to try her you will not be disappointed I am certain!"

~"Kristie Kennedy is a dynamic and down-to-earth speaker. She gave a virtual (Skype) presentation to my class of undergraduate students on the topic of bringing power, passion, and purpose to public speaking. Though Kristie was at a distance, her electric personality and powerful message filled the room as though she was there with us. I'm looking forward to the next time she can motivate my students!"

~"It has been a few years since I have had anything done to my eyebrows. My eyebrows are very thin and I just really did not feel it was something I needed. After having my brows done, there is a noticeable difference. I LOVE IT! The entire experience was wonderful. I received instruction on how to apply brow fill to help with the overall completed look."

~"Thank you for your awe-inspiring presentation on Leadership Development! Your interactive engagement was effective with our students and several commented on how much they enjoyed the workshop module. Our students now have valuable tools to carry with them as they begin their college journey. We look forward to the next opportunity to work with you!"

~"When Kristie arches my eyebrows, I feel like a new woman. It is amazing the difference that an eyebrow arch makes. She is professional, meticulous, and she truly takes pride in her work. Not only does she arch my brows, she also educates me and she even applies light eye shadow to accentuate the beauty of my brows. I truly love her. If you want your brows done professionally and with care, Kristie Kennedy is your woman!!"

~"Kristie Kennedy is a phenomenal speaker! I invited her to speak at an Obesity Awareness event that I launched, and she exceeded my expectations in delivering the importance of developing a correct mindset when making a decision to be healthy."

~"She quickly made our audience become comfortable with one another. Within five minutes each individual went from strangers, to associates, and finally peers. She truly has a gift and an inspirational light about her that is timeless. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her. I look forward to doing many more engagements with her in the future! To sum Kristie Kennedy up in one word, it would be AMAZING!"

~"She loves what she does and you can see it in her work. My face was flawless after one makeup session with her. 5 stars!"

~"She turned my bare face into a masterpiece! When Kristie was through doing my makeup I instantly felt glamorous. She's a makeup artist that knows what makeup to use and know how to use it to bring out the inner beauty in anyone."

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