From Stuck To Unstoppable!

As a first generation entrepreneur I have experienced a gamut of amazing

adventures in pursuit of my purpose and passion. In retrospect, I see

glimpses of what I was predestined to become in this world. I remember

having a vivid imagination as a child. My childhood friends and I had our

own shoe store called the Kangaroo Company.

One of my favorite aspects of entrepreneurship is the endless possibilities

that rest at the tip of our fingers. Success is not as complex as we typically

make it to be. It comes in various forms and each of us must define what

that 7 letter word means in order to guarantee internal fulfillment. We

must ever be reminded that we possess the power to design a

magnificent life!

In my teenage years, I was never a top performing student and found

myself frequently in the Principal’s office. Subsequently, during my early

adult years I was more comfortable being a wall flower than the

centerpiece which is quite common for many women who have not

realized their unique power and worth.

The most powerful lesson that I have learned as I reflect on my life is that

your start is not indicative of how you will finish. My world began to take

on new meaning once I granted myself permission to be great and to

abhor mediocrity. It is this desire to be more than I was and I am that

keeps me soaring beyond my own expectations.

Top Lessons Learned in Life as an Adventure Seeking Entrepreneur:

• Do it now: We are often waiting for the perfect set of circumstances

and they almost never arrive. I personally, do not want to have any

regrets during my last days on earth. Most everything that I have

accomplished to date when presented with an opportunity, I often

didn’t have all the money I needed, the resources, the man power,

the knowledge and you name it. Yet, one thing that I did have was

VISION! You must see it before you can see it or you will never be

able to see it. I remember envisioning traveling out of the country

and before the year ended I purchased a passport from the money

a close friend invested into me. I found an opportunity online to

travel to Bangkok, Thailand and participate in a women in

leadership conference. I submitted an extensive proposal and was

selected as one of only fifty chosen. I remember that day at the

airport, my heart was beating fast as I journeyed alone to a foreign

country with no family or friends there to rescue if needed.

• Failure is not final: Many individuals allow mistakes, setbacks and

hardship keep them stuck in a rut. I have experienced a gamut of

emotional rollercoasters in this entrepreneurial voyage. I

remember when I left my job to operate my business full time. I

was told that when searching for optimum real estate location is

everything. After moving into the building I discovered;

immediately, thereafter was I departing as there was not enough

traffic (clients) to keep the doors open. That was an internally

devastating year for me as I wrestled and played the beginning,

middle and end over in my mind while hiding under the covers of

failure. When you are experiencing a trail of successes to fall into

the quick sands of disappointment it takes fortitude beyond your

own natural powers to rise to the challenges of life again.

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