Comeback Queen: Rise Above and Reign Again!

Who you are today represents a glimpse of the greatness that awaits to be

showcased. If you were to take inventory of your entire life what message does it

speak? Are you aware of the incredible power you possess? The intellectual

prowess embedded in your cerebral cortex, to you it appears simple and to others

seemingly complex!

Have you positioned yourself internally for waves of opportunities that will

emerge when the triumphant tides begin to finally turn in your favor? After the

bone crushing dusk comes the delightful dawning of a brand new day! This is

your moment to rise above adversity and reign again victoriously! Destiny is at

STAKE! You were not built to quit, you were structured to conquer!

How do you walk in your power when you simultaneously feel imprisoned by

your pain? The first key is to remember you possess a divine purpose on earth

that only you can fulfill. The world needs you to survive, to thrive and to ARISE!

You are stronger than your struggle. You house a heart of faith and fortitude

designed to withstand the most vehement storms! The journey is laden with

twists and turns, vision and valleys, magnificence and mayhem, dreams and

disappointments. After the relentless raindrops never forget to search for the

radiant rainbows hidden in your soul.

After you’ve experienced constant turmoil and one battle wound after another it

is easy to lose sight of why you are still in the fight. This is when it becomes

paramount to rediscover your flaming desires like the phoenix and rebirth the

queen of comeback who is fueled by FIRE! Passion must remain a faithful guide.

You cannot bulldoze through mental barriers if passivity is behind the wheel of

your destiny.

The path to your eternal ending demands a spirit of perseverance especially

when life is not all pies in the sky. The question remains, can you forge forward in

the face of tumultuous troubles barraging in the night? One miniscule act, has the

power to create massive impact. Don’t lose momentum! Keep moving one foot in

front of the other, day by day!

Finally, you owe it to yourself to pick your crown up from off the ground, walk

with your head held high, bold and proud! You are not a mistake, but a precious

miracle. The next time you stand in front of the mirror, declare out loud, “I am a

promise, driven by purpose, fueled by passion and willing to

persevere until my destiny is fulfilled!”

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