5 Secrets to Kissable and Long Lasting Lip Wear

When it comes to beauty bliss some of the best kept secrets are hidden in the crevices of our

lips. One of the most common questions asked by women is, “How can I get my makeup to stay

on longer?” The area on our faces that require the most frequent touch ups are the lips. Why is

that? They are the main focal point when communicating with others.

There is absolutely nothing more embarrassing than talking to someone or smiling bright as the

sun only to realize that there is lip lacquer smudged on your pearly whites. Another lipstick faux

pas, is to smear your ruby red paint on the collar of a man’s neck or outside the perimeters of

his mouth. What about your favorite fuchsia that was unintentionally left behind on the edge of

your dinner glass? Not so sexy huh?

A common challenge we experience when we fail to touch up our lips especially after eating, is

having a splotchy and unpolished overall appearance that is not the best look for first time


If you are ready to pucker proof your lips consider our 5 keys to kissable and long lasting lip


• Exfoliate your lips on a daily basis, with a toothbrush or mascara wand to avoid cracked,

dry and peeling lips especially during extremely cold winter and hot summer months.

This will ensure an even texture or smooth surface is prepared for the application of

your lip color.

• Apply a lip primer to continue to fortify the skin’s foundation to assist with the durability

of your pretty paint.

• Choose a lip pencil that matches the selected hue that you will be using and color in

both lips from corner to corner. The more layers your build the harder it is for the color

to fade.

• The best choice for lasting wear is a lip stain which can survive the most passionate kiss

under the sun.

• If you prefer a dewy finish after you have finished all of your physical acrobats then

apply a gloss to be used as a semi-permanent seal. It’s not enough to merely add color

on our lips, we must remember to keep them hydrated if we desire for them to remain

pucker ready.

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