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Dream Girls, Dream!

As a child Kristie had a very vivid imagination and there was not a single dream beyond her reach. One of her favorite quotes by Eleanor D. Roosevelt is, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. The life and beliefs of a visionary are often misunderstood and the path can be extremely challenging. Kristie was not a natural leader in her young adult years and battled with fear of public speaking, a negative attitude in school that kept her in the principal’s office, personal failures, poor decision making skills which became an imprisoning vortex to no avail. Until one day, she recognized that full ownership of her decisions was the only key to change. 

The blame game would keep her in a perpetual state immobility. Her dreams of bigger opportunities, a better mindset and brighter tomorrow pulled her up from a pit of low self-worth. She has now dedicated her life to inspiring other women who have yet to discover their magnificence. Kristie is a woman who dares to dream and believe she can become anything her mind conceives.

Audiences will be empowered to:

• Redefine what are the essential elements necessary for personal fulfillment
• Discover established patterns of self-limited beliefs that are counterproductive to progress and success
• Create internal harmony surrounding the possibility of limitless living

Creative in Crisis:

If you could describe Kristie in one word creative would be most suitable. She is an artist by nature and has mastered the ability to capitalize on this gift in some of the most precarious situations. On December 6, 1999, Kristie was employed as an informational and referral counselor at the Homeless Shelter serving women in crisis. 

The Director, contacted her early before her shift would start, and stated, “Due to a budget cut the shelter will no longer be utilizing your services. Please turn in your office key immediately.” In that moment she realized like a cat thrown off of a ledge she would brace herself for another fall. This was the beginning of learning to put fire under her feet. She learned quickly, “Slow feet, don’t eat!” Two days later, she drove to the Division of Corporations and filed her first company under the name, Sweet Smelling Savors! “Adding Beauty to Your Life!”

The journey towards greatness is full of unpredictability. Kristie intuitively understands that, “You possess the power to shift and shine from mediocrity to magnificence, stuck to unstoppable until you boldly defy the impossible!

Audiences will be empowered to:
• Gain key insights on the power of creativity and how to cultivate this gift on a daily basis
• Understand how to reinvent antiquated conversations and convert them into affirmative dialogue
• Breakthrough mental barriers that perpetuate procrastination, overwhelm and insecurities


Against All Odds:

After treading in the wilderness of entrepreneurship for eight months she came to the stark conclusion that her first company was not generating sufficient revenue to stay afloat. A friend of hers stated that there was an employment opportunity at the local university. Kristie possessed no secretarial experience but was humble and willing to learn. She told the potential supervisor, I may not have the skillset but what I can offer is peace to this environment. They hired her and she worked for six years in conjunction with building new businesses on the side. Burning the midnight oil became physically exhausting. Kristie decided to submit her two week resignation and was going to open a leadership enhancement center.

In December 2006 she celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The facility was fully furnished by the donations of generous family and friends. In her mind she believed, “If I build it, they will come!” Entrepreneurship is full of risks some bring pleasure and other risks bring pain. You don’t know completely what the outcome will be until you courageously launch out into the deep. Two months after she moved into her new building she was moving out as the rent exceeded the non-existing profitability of her second company Atara Enterprises, Crowning Service Beyond Excellence. This setback hit Kristie extremely hard and she spent the majority of that year in bed battling depression. She had no desire to pursue entrepreneurship again, it required too much and gave back too little.

Audiences will be empowered to:
• Courageously confront challenges and adversities rather than cower down or run away in fear
• Recognize that success and setbacks are key components of expansive growth and change
• Shatter the negative voices of what was in order to embrace the power of what could be

Still I Rise:

One of Kristie’s favorite authors is Maya Angelou (deceased) and she often affirms, “Still I Rise!” when in the middle of life’s challenges! In 2008 she decided to rise up from her sorrowful state of self-pity and decided to go to Aveda Beauty School. After earning a license in Esthetics, she worked mainly in day spas and provided freelance makeup artistry. It would take five years of pounding the pavement and beating the entrepreneurial bushes as an independent contractor that she realized the return on investment was yielding below her expectations. During this time, she had seven fibroid tumors growing inside of her body. They caused her to become anemic. Her blood was so low the doctor stated if she were to get into a car accident with major blood loss, death would be imminent. She had no health insurance and was physically weak every day.

At the beginning of each month she dreaded the start of a new menstrual cycle because it possibly meant public accidents that lead to great embarrassment. Once again, her true friend provided a recommendation for her to return to secretarial work at the same university she left five years prior to pursuing full time entrepreneurship. After working several months, she qualified for health insurance and had the surgery she waited patiently for six years to take place. As she began to focus on recovery, her health, wellness and emotional being improved drastically! Life was finally turning around for the good and things were working out in her favor.

Audiences will be empowered to:
• Live a limitless life fueled by 100% passion and 0% passiveness
• Be ready, get set and go towards the life of their dreams, when they dare to play be their own rules
• Understand you can either model magnificence or model mediocrity, success or stress!

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Together We R.I.S.E. (Reach Incredible Success Exponentially)

Learning Objectives:

Discover how to work together as a more cohesive unit, develop sensitivities to cultural differences and hone active listening skills. The most essential need of any effective team is to possess stellar communication skills which include Verbal, Non-Verbal and Active Listening.

Presentation Overview:

This interactive presentation will specifically empower individuals to think creatively as a team during emotionally challenging days. In every working environment the opportunity for miscommunication, misunderstanding and mistaken intentions are bound to arise. It is possible to decrease the number of mishaps by learning to focus on delivering solid results in a time efficient manner. Secondly, promote a culture that is affirmative and rewards oriented. Thirdly, foster an atmosphere that values respect for every member of the organization.

Participant Outcomes:
  1. Obtain a heightened awareness of interpersonal communication skills
  2. Learn effective strategies for resolving conflict immediately
  3. Boost individual confidence as a leader and cooperative team player

Born to Be Brilliant in Business

Learning Objectives:

Discover the secret to longevity in business as a result of providing stellar customer service. The term brilliant is defined as: very bright and radiant; sharp and clear in tone; glorious; magnificent; marked by unusual and impressive intellectual acuteness. As business owners we are often blinded by the seducing power of success and forget that the true purpose of being in business is to serve and meet the needs of our target market.

Presentation Overview:

Starting and operating a company from the ground up requires total commitment over the long haul. It is seriously advised before taking up such a grand and noble cause to count up the cost. A great price will be paid but the returns far outweigh the investment. We are cities set upon a hill that cannot be hidden and there should be a distinct difference in the manner in which we conduct our services. We are all born to be brilliant!

  • Brand magnificence everywhere you go
  • Reach beyond the call of duty
  • Inspire individuals to pursue their deepest dreams
  • Listen closely to your divine instincts and the heart of the people
  • Learn from your mistakes 
  • Influence others to model excellence
  • Apprehend the promises through asserting your position 
  • Never give up or neglect your responsibilities
  • Teach and train others proven success principles 
Participant Outcomes:

During the course of running a business there will be seasons filled with highs and lows. It is essential to recognize three areas of importance in the service industry:

  1. Who we are called to serve in business?
  2. What are we specifically aiming to achieve in business?
  3. Where do we desire to leave the greatest impact through our business practices?

Becoming a Distinct and Dynamic 21st Century Leader

Learning Objectives:

Discover how to enhance personal marketability, obtain a heightened awareness of innate skills and increase individual confidence in order to become an influential leader by design and not default producing a brand new, brand U!

Presentation Overview:

This presentation will specifically challenge individuals to confront self-sabotaging mindsets that prevent them from attaining goals due to fear, procrastination, obscure vision and poor communication skills. The market place is highly competitive where future employers are searching for a diamond in every dozen. In order to stand out in the crowd, potential candidates must understand the power of personal branding. An everyday commitment to projecting a powerful first and lasting impression in all manner of communication will act as a distinguishing characteristic of leadership excellence, efficiency and effectiveness.

Participant Outcomes:
  1. Ascertain top three counterproductive attitudes and behavioral patterns
  2. Clarify top three value adding skillsets interpersonal and professional
  3. Identify three conceivable and achievable goals to be attained in three months

The Perfect Fit for Key Influencers:

Our goal is to exceed your organization’s expectations. Presentations can be customized to provide an amazing experience in order to ensure valuable investment of time and financial resources.

Ms. Kennedy is intuitively relatable, compassionate and a genuinely authentic speaker who is naturally gifted to motivate, inspire and empower any audience that is graced with her vivacious presence.

As one who was mislabeled, a considerable underachiever and procrastinator the audience is able to witness the power and process of personal change. Success is available to all who dare to dream, believe and pursue their goals until achieved.

Presenter’s Cutting Edge:
  • High Impact, Passion filled and Energetic Presentation
  • Positive, Optimistic and Solution Oriented
  • Provides interactive activities to reinforce teaching topic
  • Delivers first hand experiential knowledge and examples
  • Stimulates each open mindset ready for transformational change


Developing the Spirit of an Entrepre-Leader

Every business owner faces a host of challenges throughout the entire life cycle of their organization growth and development. As the business grows it is essential that the visionary is evolving along with it in order to remain cutting edge and ahead of the learning curve. At the heart of business leadership is a commitment to the unyielding demand for personal development.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discover how to identify self-sabotaging and self-limiting beliefs that circumvent success
  • Understand the importance of character and discipline as an Entrepre-Leader
  • Recognize the importance of creativity and strategic thinking during start-up phase

“Look the Part, Be the Part and Get the Part!”

We live in a highly perceptive world where image presentation is of esteemed importance. How many opportunities are you missing out on due to a humdrum first impression in appearance and apparel?

If you are ready to shift and shine bright our “Magnificent Makeover” Seminar is the perfect source of empowerment to enhance and transcend from a DULL DAISY to DYNAMIC DIAMOND! You are more than a pretty face, you possess vast potential that must be excavated!

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover makeup application techniques that leave you looking and feeling great
  • Gather key tools to avoid confidence busters upon entering a room or during first time introductions
  • Learn how to dress for success, to impress and progress

Re-Define, Re-Design and Re-Align Life from the Inside Out

Have you ever felt yourself drifting from your core values, what matters most? Do you feel your life spiraling out of control? Is it difficult to keep up with the demands of life? Do you find it challenging to say no until you find your plate completely overloaded?

Those are several distinct signs that it is prime time to re-define, re-design and re-align your passion and purpose in order to step into your divine power. If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be? It takes courage to uproot false belief systems in order to emerge again into a new dimension of excellence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify self-sabotaging thoughts and behavioral patterns
  • Distinguish the difference between busyness and productivity
  • Understand the value of saying no to energy draining opportunities

When Beauty is a Beast

An estimated 160 billion dollars a year is spent on cosmetic enhancement products. The stark reality is that we are investing more in vanity than education. Societal pressures to obtain an elusive and ever changing fabricated concept of beauty only exacerbates underlying self-esteem issues in women…

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Beauty and the Brow

Beauty and Eyebrows One of the most commonly neglected areas of the face when it comes to beauty are the eyebrows. Countless women have no desire to have their eyebrows waxed off, threaded away or tweezed to perfection. It is important to know that the eyebrows are the frame of the face. They are just as significant as the eye make-up painted beneath…

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Quick Tips to Making Time Work for You

Are you feeling more frazzled than bedazzled these days? Overwhelmed by your ever growing to do list? The power to create inner peace in the midst of outer turmoil rests in the palm of your hands. As women it is so easy to find ourselves spinning out of control on a proverbial save the world mission. How can you create a more serene state of mind during highly stressful times? Let’s look at a few tips to make time work for you and not against you…

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Feature Interviews:

Feature Articles:


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The Entrepreneuress

In her own words Kristie says, “We all have a unique story to tell but not all of us have the courage to tell our unique story.” She grew up as an only child and was considered a miracle baby after her mother had previous medical complications. As a young child she was known to be quite loquacious and after experiencing painful events in life began to hide her voice like a turtle retreats inside his shell.

One day during her senior semester in college, Kristie was sitting in the back of her Criminology class when the professor asked a question she believed she knew the answer to. Her heart was racing, with fear confronting her once again as a merciless tyrant. The only other time she recalled speaking aloud in college was in her freshman year as she opened her mouth to recite her speech in front of her communications class. As she stood there frozen not one word would come out of her mouth. She was so petrified that she asked the instructor if he would allow her to give her speech in private.

As she pushed passed her anxiety Kristie raised her hand to provide the teacher with what she thought was the correct answer. Unfortunately, it was not the correct response yet it was the perfect timing for the butterfly to break forth from that cold and dreary cocoon. As tears began to fall down her face it was in that very moment she realized that she possessed the power to unlock the prison door that held her in captivity for so long.

It is now her personal mission to speak words of inspiration and empowerment to help others who feel trapped in the crevices of their mind to help them conquer their fears and unleash their magnificence!

Performing Vocalist

In the heart of Maya Angelou’s most poignant literary works, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Kristie identifies firsthand with the bird’s reason more than most. The theme of her melodic and inspirational messages center around fighting for her own personal freedom in addition to the liberation of others.

As a young child she had a natural gift of singing and shared it comfortably in public as long as she was able to blend in with the masses allowing it to remain undiscovered. Kristie often speaks of a time where she used to be extremely afraid of outsiders hearing her voice. She was a caged bird in her own home and before she opened her mouth to sing, a quick glance through the peep hole was a must to ensure that no one was nearby.

Music for Kristie is more important than awards and trophy’s it has literally been a lifeline during seasons of perplexity and hardship. Every gift that she has the privilege of being a steward over is a reminder of how gracious God has been to her. One of her favorite scriptures is Psalm 32:7 “You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble; You surround me with songs of deliverance.”

In this new season of her life she has decided to step out of the shadows of obscurity to share sounds of love, hope and joy to all who desire to experience the heart of God through song.

Authentic Author

In the sixth grade Kristie’s English teacher gave her a book filled with empty pages that would become a private refuge. As a child, writing was her way of escape from a tumultuous world of confusion. It was a healing garden for a restless soul and a comforting blanket in the time of sorrow.

As an evolving woman Kristie still possesses tender journal entries that reaffirm this truth, one’s divine purpose is developed and strengthened throughout the corridors of time.

There were many years that she lived in a cocoon of fear and kept her thoughts hidden between the lines of her diary. The benefit of that season of silence was the power to cultivate keen listening and observation skills, a rarity in our noise driven society.

Many individuals are being led by strange voices because they have not become intimately acquainted with the sound of their own. It takes great courage to speak your truth with firm conviction in the midst of opposition or differing opinions.

Kristie has spent most of her life writing thoughts on paper and now she is bold enough to share with the world words of hope for the hopeless and strength to the feeble knees.

The Jewelry Designer

Nava Jewelry Collection was inspired and created by Kristie Kennedy as a therapeutic outlet to express herself artistically. The word Nava is Hebrew for “beautiful”. Her design motto: “Someone Beautiful, Deserves Something Beautiful.”

In 2006, after experimenting with the integral process of bead selection to harmonizing color schemes it soon became a delightful addiction. Kristie was born into a family of entrepreneurs and seamstresses. She is fully aware of the fact that her gift of creativity is a divine grace from God. Her classic design style is influenced by the resilience of South Africa, the serenity imbedded in Asian culture and the eloquence of European nobility.

After honing her craftsmanship, women from all walks of life began placing a demand on her unique and exquisite works of art. What started as a mere quest to explore a new hobby, later evolved into a mission to beautify countless lives. Ecclesiastes 3:11 states, “God has made everything beautiful in His time.”

Design Distinctions:

  • Classic designs created with successful and affluent women in mind
  • Timeless, exquisite, stylish, elegant and highly fashionable creations
  • Original designs and quality beads hand selected by the designer with long lasting durability
  • Aesthetically appealing to reflect a woman’s inner and outer beauty while capturing her unique personality
  • Created by an artist with a keen eye for color combination and extensive beauty industry experience

Image Consultant

As a young adult Kristie was very low maintenance when it came to fashion and beauty. One of the main reasons for this was probably due to the fact that she spent most of her childhood as a tomboy with a love for climbing trees and exploring the beauty in nature. It was not until she was hired as a modeling instructor for one of the oldest modeling schools in the USA that she discovered another creative outlet to express her artistic ability.

After teaching makeup artistry for a couple of years Kristie decided that she wanted to obtain further knowledge to develop her skills as a beauty educator in multiple facets of the beauty industry.

In 2008, she completed the Aveda Beauty Institute Full Specialist program and was licensed as an Esthetician. A whole new world of opportunities opened up for Kristie as she began to clearly see that she had a gift for beautifying women and making them feel good on the inside in addition to looking great on the outside. It is Kristie’s desire that every woman she encounters whether on a personal or professional level is that she leave an indelible impression never to be erased.

Her beauty philosophy is that we all have flaws in some form or fashion and makeup is only a tool used to conceal that which is less appealing to the natural eye while enhancing that which is hidden.

It is essential to understand the essence of true beauty lies in that which cannot be perceived by the naked eye but is beheld by the spirit that resides within our internal being.

Living beyond external beauty challenges us to focus on developing our character more than our physical features, that in reality, are bound to fade away.


1) To inspire you to live beyond the norm, the expected and every self perceived limitation.

2) To unveil hidden beauty through the application of creative makeup artistry and design.

3) To reinvent current image and produce a fashionable look that complements your natural features and personal style.


If you could describe Kristie Kennedy in one word it would be UNSTOPPABLE! One of her favorite quotes from the famous Mother to Son poem authored by Langston Hughes is “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” and yet she continues to climb higher one step at a time. She is a unique woman who is known for motivation, inspiration and women’s empowerment. As a young lady she had many challenges in the school system and found out early in life that one has the power to create their own destiny in spite of societal labels.

Kristie understands in the words of Marva Collins that, “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it!” It is this entrepreneurial and enterprising mindset that has led her to achieve many of her greatest accomplishments. She considers herself to be an eternal optimist, which is an attitude essential to the life of a dreamer. Many of her peers are amazed at how she continues to pursue dreams in the midst of adversity. Kristie is grateful to her mother for instilling the spirit of excellence in everything she does and her father teaching her how to fight for the future no matter how dismal the present may appear to be.

She is a woman with BIG dreams who refuses to allow anything or anyone stop her from accomplishing her life mission on earth. She has cultivated a lifestyle of pursuing her inner passion to empower individuals with the motivation necessary to conquer their deepest fears and inspire them to take courage to live magnificently in the face of adversity. Kristie has made a conscious decision to convert her pain into power, pressure into pearls of wisdom and problems into unlimited possibilities.


Kristie Kennedy is a motivational speaker, personal development coach and established author who has a rich treasury of insight and knowledge for women who are challenged in three areas: self-worth, self-starting and self-growth. We each are born with vast potential that is often undermined, undeveloped and underutilized.

Ms. Kennedy is intimately acquainted with the effects poor decision making skills, emotional imbalance and the lack of self-confidence has on one’s ability to excel to extraordinary heights of achievement.

She is a passionate entrepreneurial leader who is unafraid to take calculated risks. Her gift of motivation, inspiration and empowerment infuses individuals with the courage to move in the moment, take success by the horns and dare to own it!

This “CAN DO” coach helps all who are stuck in a sea of sameness to open their eyes to SEE beyond the present into the future, SAY what they want without reservation and SOAR beyond self-limiting beliefs.

Mini Biography

Kristie Kennedy, Women’s Empowerment Speaker, Small Business and Leadership Development Coach provides simple success strategies to overcome everyday challenges, internal conflicts and confidence killers.

Mid Length Bio

Kristie Kennedy is a visionary leader, who serves as a women’s beauty, business, brilliance and body image coach that operates in a multiplicity of gifts with a passion for empowering individuals to live magnificently in the face of adversity.

Ms. Kennedy is a Notary Public and in May 2012 was appointed as the Tallahassee Ambassador for Heal a Woman, Heal a Nation, Inc. Served as 2012 Ms. Tallahassee, Fl. for Ms. Corporate America. She was crowned in September 2010 as the 2010 American Image National Woman.

She is a Licensed Esthetician/Beauty Advisor (Graduate of Aveda Beauty Institute), Freelance Makeup Artist/Educator for Motives Cosmetics and Extreme Lash Stylist. Her industry experience ranges from Larinem Cosmetics, Fashion Fair Cosmetics, Birmingham Premiere Beauty Expo Make up Educator, Orlando Premiere Beauty Expo Eye Lash Extensionist and Former Makeup Artist/Educator for Mirabella Cosmetics and Borghese Cosmetics Songwriter, Poetess, Recording Artist, Author, Jewelry Designer, Fashion Model, National Spokes model for Fibroid Tumors, Modeling Instructor and beauty pageant judge.

Her how to makeup videos are currently showcased on She is a daring woman who is unafraid to take calculated risks. Her gift of inspiration brings a pure delight to anyone she meets. Ms. Kennedy believes it is essential to remain steadfast, unmovable and always abounding in the work that is set before you in order to achieve lasting success.


Introduction of Speaker:

**It gives me great pleasure in having the honor of introducing today’s guest speaker.

**Kristie Kennedy, Certified Professional Life Coach is a native of Sarasota, Florida and graduate of Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

**She is an only child who spent a majority of her life battling fear of public speaking. After breaking free of her own self-limiting beliefs Kristie made a decision to dedicate her life to empowering others to do the same.

**Ms. Kennedy has a special gift of motivation and infuses the spirit of CAN DO in the heart of her listeners and challenges individuals stuck in complacency to shift from mediocrity to magnificence!

**Upon delivering a presentation at a women’s business networking event one of the audience members said, “I feel like I CAN GO OUT AND DO anything after hearing you speak!”

**If you are ready to move in the moment, grab success by the horns and own it -show it by offering a round of applause to the Queen of Possibility, Ms. Kristie Kennedy!


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